South Carolina Month to Month Rental Agreement

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The South Carolina Month to Month Lease Agreement is a form of lease that terminates at the end of every month and renews upon payment of rent. Unlike a One Year Lease, which cannot be altered until it ends, a Month to Month Lease can be altered at the landlord’s discretion.

Unless a Lease specifies otherwise, a landlord must give the tenant thirty (30) days before altering or terminating the lease. Similarly, a tenant must give the landlord thirty (30) days before moving out. As it can be terminated more easily, a Month to Month Lease is often suitable when a landlord is unsure of the tenant’s ability to maintain the lease for a full year. A Month to Month Lease is also frequently used when a One Year Lease has ended and neither landlord nor tenant wishes to renew for another full year.

There are no laws specifically pertaining to Month to Month Lease Agreements, but all the laws pertaining to Leases in South Carolina can be found S.C. Code. Title 27-33 to 27-50.