South Dakota Rental Application

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The South Dakota Rental Application Form is an important kind of form that allows a landlord to screen potential tenants for issues with previous landlords, such as failing to pay rent or violating their lease. A landlord may charge a nonrefundable fee for a rental application form at their discretion.

Typically a rental application form will require the applicants social security number, pay stubs or other work history and the names and addresses of any landlords the applicant wants to use as references. This will allow the landlord to check into the tenant’s credit score, work history and previous landlords.

A Rental Application Form is useful for the landlord to weed out any tenants who might be problematic, allowing them to lower the risk of having to go through the expensive and difficult process of eviction. It is also useful for an applicant with an excellent rental history to stand out from the crowd of other applicants.