Tennessee Month to Month Rental Agreement

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A Tennessee Month to Month Lease Agreement is a short term lease, designed for a tenant who is unsure of their financial situation or if they will continue to live in the area for the duration of a longer lease. Unlike other leases, which run for a predetermined amount of time, this lease terminates at the end of every pay period and renews upon payment of rent.

Due to the regular termination of the lease, a Month to Month agreement can be altered or ended far more easily than a One Year Lease. In Tennessee, a landlord must give the tenant thirty (30) days written notice before the lease can be altered or terminated. Similarly, if a tenant wishes to move out, they must give the landlord thirty (30) days written notice.

All of the laws found in Tennessee Code Title 66 apply to both long term and Month to Month Leases, although there may be specific clauses in the laws that apply to one and not the other.