Tennessee Residential Lease Agreement

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A Tennessee Standard One (1) Year Lease is the most common form of a long term lease, and most other long term leases will greatly resemble it. A lease of this kind, of any length, cannot be altered or terminated until it has run its course, unless a provision itself allows for an alteration in the lease, or an early termination.

Unlike a Month to Month Lease, a One Year Lease gives the tenant the security of a place to live and the landlord the security of being sure of having a tenant. In exchange, it is significantly more difficult to evict a tenant under a One Year Lease. It is highly suggested that a landlord require that a potential tenant fill out the Rental Application Form before signing a lease.

On the tenant’s side, being evicted from a One Year Lease can torpedo their chances of getting another long term lease in the future, so they should be exceptionally aware of any and all unique clauses, as well as all local laws, before signing a lease, so they can be sure of their ability to maintain the lease for its entirety.

The laws in Tennessee that cover residential leases can be found in Tennessee Code Title 66, primarily in Chapter 28.


  • Tennessee State Law requires that the landlord disclose the name and address of the property manager, property owner and any agent authorized to act on their behalf in regards to the property when the tenant moves in.
  • Federal law requires that the landlord disclose the presence of any lead paint based hazards on or around the property.