Wisconsin Rental Application

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A Wisconsin Rental Application Form is not a legal agreement but, as the name implies, an application that most landlords will require any potential tenants complete before signing a long term lease. This is designed to minimize the risk of a landlord signing with a problematic tenant. A landlord has the right to charge a nonrefundable fee for this application.

The major things this kind of application will be looking into are the applicants rental and financial history, to ensure they have not been a problem for any previous landlords and are financially capable of maintaining the rent. While this is primarily designed to protect landlords, it can also be useful for a tenant with an excellent rental history, as any worthwhile property will have other applicants.

In order to prepare for this kind of application a tenant should have access to their social security number, proof of employment and the names and contact information for any previous landlords they wish to use as references.