Wyoming Month to Month Rental Agreement

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The Wyoming Month to Month Lease Agreement is a lease designed for shorter term living arrangements. This kind of lease terminates at the end of every month and renews when the tenant pays rent. This makes it more flexible and easily altered, but less secure than a One Year Lease.

While a  One Year Lease can only be altered or terminated with cause specified by the lease, a Month to Month Lease can be ended or altered essentially at the landlord’s discretion, simply by giving the tenant one (1) month’s written notice. This makes it a popular form of lease for tenants who are unsure of how long they’ll be living in a specific area, such as students, or landlords who are unsure of their tenants ability to maintain a lease for its full duration.

As they are merely a subset of residential lease, Month to Month Leases are governed by the same laws as long term leases. All of Wyoming’s residential lease laws can be found in Wyoming State Code, Title 1-21-1201 to 1-21-1211.