Resignation Letter

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A letter of resignation is a written document made by an employee to announce their intent to leave their office of employment.


A letter of resignation should always be delivered in advance to the appropriate superior at the individual’s place of employment. The letter itself should inform of the last intended day at the employer. Some resignations may need to take place immediately, if applicable. A letter of resignation may also thank the employer for the experience and opportunity. The recipient of this letter may record it upon receipt of the letter in cases where written notice is required for a job contract.

They are used to take legal effect of a notice that is required under the terms of their position at a particular job before quitting altogether. Many contractual employment positions are terminable by advance notice of a specific period of time and in writing. This makes the need for a resignation letter a necessity. Ultimately this legal document can be treated as either a record or evidence to the date and time of a resignation of an employee.