Sponsorship Proposal

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Sponsorship proposals are requests or suggestions to businesses that they sponsor you in some way. However, it is important to frame these proposals as trades, rather than desperate searches for money or products. For many nonprofits, events, charities, and other businesses, sponsorship can make the difference between a successful fundraiser or event, and a flop.

What You Offer Sponsors in Your Sponsorship Proposal:

Regardless of your organization – little league team, nonprofit arts organization, art gallery, etc – your request for sponsorship should highlight the great aspects of your business and how being linked with you can help the sponsor organization in the future. Here are a few aspects of yourself and your business to keep in mind when writing a sponsorship proposal:

  1. Your skills and your business’s attributes. Offer something of value to the sponsor in return for their investment in your business. This can be as simple as favor with the local community, a marketing opportunity to new consumers, a note on social media and print media praising the sponsor company, or an ongoing trade of marketing materials or skills.
  2. Your target audience. When considering businesses to request sponsorship from, it is important to make sure their goals align with your goals. For example, if you are an arts organization creating a new works reading series, finding sponsors with literary interests will help.
  3. Differences that make marketing with you unique. It is also important to understand where your customers and your potential sponsor’s customers do not overlap, so you can discuss how their sponsorship of you offers a new potential market. If you coach the local YWCA girls’ soccer team, larger organizations who want more customers from the local community might be interested in helping, in order to make a good impression.

Elements of a Sponsorship Proposal:

Before you get too detailed in the sponsorship proposal writing process, there are a few important things to consider about this type of proposal.

  • What are your goals for sponsorship? What do you want this business to do for you when you write a proposal to them? What are your overall goals for sponsorship? Notoriety, money, marketing exchanges, etc?
  • Make a list of potential businesses. Then begin to narrow that list down based on how compatible their interests could be with yours, and what you could offer them.
  • Find contact information. Once you have a list of businesses that could be great sponsors for your organization or event, find a specific person to contact within the organization. This could be a marketing manager, business owner, or other individual. If you cannot find this information easily online or in print, don’t be afraid to call the business personally and ask – that lets the business know that you are interested in partnering with them, so they will be thinking about you when they receive your proposal.
  • Remain grateful. It is important to know what the sponsor will do for you specifically, and it is also important to know what you offer to a sponsor. However, it is also important to be professional and gracious in your writing – you do not have to grovel for attention, but you should let them know that you appreciate their consideration.

Why Should I Use a Sponsorship Proposal Template?

Templates can help keep your writing on task and professional. A sponsorship proposal template will help you remember where each part of a professional sponsorship proposal goes, so that you can present the most personalized but easy to read proposal possible. Download our free sponsorship proposal templates today and see which one works best for you!