Tenant Move-In Move-Out Checklist

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The tenant move-in checklist is a form that allows a new lessee to jot down any repairs needed or damage that exists in the property. The form is delegated to tenant(s) that have put up a Security Deposit with the landlord. The form allows the tenant to write down the damage that exists, to eliminate the chance of being falsely charged for it at the end of the lease term.

How to Fill in the Checklist

Step 1

Get the blank form and schedule a walk-through with the landlord. Go through the residence marking down any defects in relation to paint scrapes, kitchen cabinets, countertops, bathroom irregularities, etc.

Step 2

Once the walk-through is complete, get the landlord or their agent to sign off on the checklist acknowledging that the defects exist.

Step 3

Keep the checklist in a safe place during the course of the tenancy period. If any itemized deductions are made to the Security Deposit at the end of the lease term, the tenant will be able to check the checklist to ensure that the repairs needed were not the same as the existing listed.