Custody Agreement

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A Custody Agreement or parenting plan, may occur in case of divorce or legal separation. A parenting plan is drafted into a formal written legal document between two parents about legal and physical custody, a visitation schedule, child support, health insurance and more. Use a custody agreement if you and your spouse are filing for a legal separation and want to determine custody and support related to a child or children or if you are divorcing and need a plan for each other’s involvement after the divorce. This is also used in cases where two parents are not married and want to establish a schedule and support.

How it Works

Parents of minor children can use this agreement for specifics in terms of a child or children. It must be filed with a court as a part of a child custody agreement. Also known as a parenting plan form or a custody agreement, many specifics are determined in this legal document. For instance, where the child will live, where they will attend school, who can make decisions on the child, will child support be paid and how much, who is responsible for the child’s insurance, how much income tax dependency will be allocated and to what parent, child-rearing decisions, visitation schedule, holidays, etc.