Notebook Paper Template

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A notebook paper template is a downloadable, printable template that looks like and uses the same dimensions as notebook paper.

While different countries use different types of notebook paper, the standard US notebook paper is a generic ruled paper that comes in either wide-ruled (with lots of spacing for larger handwriting or students learning handwriting skills) and college-ruled (with less space between the lines to fit more words per page).

Most of us are familiar with notebook paper from our grade school writing days, and many of us still use notebooks from time to time. However, if you write notes by hand frequently, you may find that you run out of paper, without the opportunity to get more. A notebook paper template can be printed out to add extra pages to your notebook. Also, if you want a “throw-back,” fun graphic for your website, a notebook paper template can offer a nice background that reminds everyone of their K-12 years.

A Brief History of Writing, Notebooks, and Notebook Paper

Writing goes back at least 5,000 years in human history. Scholars debate whether the first true paper was created by the Egyptians, who pressed the pith of the papyrus plant into a flat sheet, or the Chinese, who cloth sheets together and folded them in a specific way to make books. Before that, the cheapest way to quickly write was by pressing a stylus into wet clay and firing it or letting it dry.

Cheap paper created from wood pulp has also been around for a few centuries, but easy access to notebooks, as well as education in order to read and take handwritten notes, is only about 150 years old at most. Egalitarian education is a product of 19th century reform movements – prior to that, the wealthy upper classes were the only ones with the leisure time to make lists, take notes in classes, or write letters.

Keeping a personal notebook has some roots in the 19th century as well. Naturalists often kept small notebooks to keep track of wild life if they were in an unfamiliar area. Artists have long kept scrap paper near them to jot notes and sketches, and this tradition continues today as well. Journaling has been a practice in different parts of the world for at least two millennia, and while many people choose to keep journals online these days, handwritten journals are still common and popular.

For anyone who wishes to keep their notes in a specific order and needs lines to maintain good handwriting skills, notebook paper was invented to help. And thanks to the internet, free notebook paper templates are available for anyone to download and use, whether a student, scrapbook maker, or writing enthusiast.

Why Should I Use a Notebook Paper Template?

There are many person, last-minute, or decorative reasons to download a notebook paper template. If you need extra ruled paper for an assignment, and you cannot purchase any paper, a free template can help. If you want a notebook paper outline for a scrapbook insert, downloading a template can get you exactly the type of notebook paper look you are after. You can even use these as graphics or the background on a website or blog. Download our free notebook paper template today to get started!