Alabama Medical Power of Attorney Form

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The Alabama medical power of attorney form is used to choose someone else to help designate a person’s future health care decisions based on inevitable events that will take place. The agent selected is not allowed to compensate themselves unless being reimbursed for lodging, food, and travel for the act of being the selected attorney-in-fact.

Medical POA vs. Living Will

There are two basic health care documents which help to manage your medical care in case of your incapacitation;

Durable Power of Attorney for Health Care

Allows a person to be selected to handle any and all medical treatment options for the benefit of the principal. The principal may generally set their future requests.

Living Will

Sets out desired treatment plans in case of various emergency medical situations. It must be authorized by the attorney-in-fact and the principal, or witnessed by two non-blood-related witnesses. The health care agent can be anyone, provided he is not: (1) under the age of 19; (2) your treating health care provider or (3) an employee of your treating health care provider (unless the employee is your relative).


Section 26-1-2