Alabama Parental (Over a Child) Power of Attorney Form

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The Alabama parental power of attorney form, or the delegation of parental authority, allows a parent (under Statute 26-2A-7) to delegate legal custody of a minor from a parent to a family member or friend.

Custodial Powers

The form is only valid for one (1) year and then must be renewed. The new custodial individual will have the authority for the following decisions on behalf of the child(ren);

Medical needs such as surgery
Athletic event participation
Educational institutions


Line 1 – Person authority is being given (Agent)

Line 2 – Address of Agent

Line 3 – City, State, Zip Code, and Telephone Number of Agent

Lines 4 thru 8 – Names and Date of Birth of every Child

Lines 9 thru 13 – Signature of Parent, Legal Custodian, and any Witnesses