Alabama Tax Power of Attorney (Declaration of Representative) – Form 2848A

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The Alabama tax power of attorney and declaration of representative, known as Form 2848A, is a document provided by the Department of Revenue for taxpayers who wish to elect someone else to handle their filings.

This is most commonly used when an accountant files for someone’s personal income tax within the State but may also be used for business and sales tax filings. Unlike other power of attorney documents in Alabama this one does not need to be witnessed via a notary public. The authorizing party and the representative must sign in addition to stating what the powers are to be recognized by the Department of Revenue.


The taxpayer’s information should be filled-in including their name, address, social security number (SSN), employment identification number, and daytime telephone. The representative’s information should be entered with their name, address, telephone number, and fax. The tax matters that can be handled by the representative should be written including the type of tax (individual, corporate, sales, etc.), tac form number, and years/periods the power of attorney will be valid.

If there are any other acts to be authorized it should be detailed on these three (3) lines. If the representative will handle the receipt of refund checks from the State, authorization should be given. The signature of taxpayer authorizing the actions should be signed.