Puerto Rico Limited Power of Attorney Form

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A Puerto Rico Limited Power of Attorney Form is used, as the name implies, to limit the Attorney-in-Fact’s power by only giving them a single power, often to perform a specific task. This is generally used by a Principal who is completely capable of performing the task they give to the Attorney-in-Fact, but wishes to delegate it to another party with more expertise.

This agreement is usually considered a safer alternative to the General Power of Attorney. If the Principal is at all unsure that their chosen Attorney-in-Fact can handle the responsibility given by the General agreement, this form is usually preferred. On the other hand, if the Attorney-in-Fact needs other information or powers outside the ones granted by this agreement to complete their task, they will need to return to the Principal for another agreement or to have the Principal provide those powers, so it should be considered carefully based on what they need their Attorney-in-Fact for.