Project Proposal Template

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Project proposals allow project managers to outline a project they wish to take on, and submit it to their employer for approval. These documents are also used by students for research, nonprofit to a grand committee, or businesses to investors.

Information in a Project Proposal:

The project proposal usually follows this outline:
1. Introduction of 1-2 paragraphs explaining the problem and the project
2. Motivation to fix the problem with this project in particular
3. A summary of the project overall
4. Details of the project, such as implementation, challenges, and timeline
5. Conclusion
6. References
These details will help funders, managers, and degree committees understand why the project is so important. Project proposals show that you, as the author or project manager, understand the key problems that caused the need for the project, as well as potential limitations or challenges involved. This helps demonstrate that you will be responsible with allocation of resources, such as money or employees’ time.

Your project proposal will also help demonstrate why your project is significant and useful. By describing your reasons for wanting to undertake the project, you demonstrate that you want the responsibility and wish to improve the business, or your profession.

Why Should I Use a Project Proposal Template?

The project proposal presents a plan of action and why allocating resources to this project are necessary. You should include a detailed budget in your project proposal to prove that you understand resource allocation is not an easy topic, and that you know how to be responsible with the company’s or grant’s time and money.

Our project proposal template outlines all of the basic sections for you to help you get started. However, different types of projects require specific items and details in the proposal, so check with the grant committee, your employer, the business, or your school to get details about what should be included in your project proposal. Our project proposal template can get your brain moving on how you want to phrase your proposal details.