Referral Fee Agreement

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A referral fee agreement helps someone get paid for referring potential customers to someone or to compensation someone else for sending work to you.

How it Works

Create this type of written legal document in order to set the conditions of this business arrangement and to determine how much to pay for this introduction of new business to the other. Use the referral fee agreement document if you have goods or service that you would like others to find clients for, if you have contacts in a field and want to introduce buyers to others for a fee or if you want to buy a certain service or good, but don’t know where to look and want to pay a broker to find it for you.

The referral fee agreement is different than the Finder’s Fee Agreement as it allows business owners to contract with other parties in order to find potential clients or investments for their business for an agreed upon fee. Other names for this arrangement are a Business Referral Agreement or a Real Estate Referral Fee Agreement.