Alaska Residential Lease Agreement

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The Alaska standard lease agreement may be used for a home, apartment, or any residential property to bind a lessor and lessee for a fixed period usually lasting one (1) year. The lessee, once the agreement is authorized, is obligated to pay the monthly rental amount in return for occupying the space from the lessor.

Helpful Tips

It is highly recommended that any landlord require the potential tenant to fill in a rental application before authorizing a rental contract. This will ensure that the person is credible, can afford the rent, and has a record of leaving the property in a decent condition upon vacating.

If the unit was built before 1978, according to federal laws, the tenant must be served with the lead paint disclosure form along with the brochure that explains the dangers of the substance.

The tenant should take note with the move-in checklist of any material defects or damage inside the property. This should be done to prevent the landlord from blaming and billing the tenant for repairs that weren’t their fault.