Alabama Month to Month Rental Agreement

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The Alabama month to month lease agreement is a real estate document designed for a tenant seeking to not have an end date to the contract but have the option to renew one (1) month at a time. There is just as much risk for a landlord to enter into this type of arrangement as a standard 1-year lease agreement which is why it is usually not the preferred method of tenancy. Although, this is most common with tenants after they finish a 1-year term but decide not to renew for a full extension.

  • This type of lease would be recommended if the tenant has already established a relationship with the landlord such as at the expiration of a standard lease.
  • Move-in Checklist – Upon signing the agreement, it is advisable for the tenant to schedule a walk-through of the property with the move-in checklist to write down any existing damage to the premises. This helps reduce the chance of the Security Deposit being deducted for repairs that the tenant did not cause.

 Disclosures and Notices

  • Lead Based Paint – As with all residences in Alabama built before 1978, the lead based paint disclosure form and brochure must be handed out to new tenants to disclose the existence of this hazardous substance.
  • Landlord’s Notice – According to Alabama Statute 35-9A-441 a landlord must give a tenant at least thirty (30) days notice to vacate the property or increase their rent.
  • Tenant’s Notice – If the tenant decides to vacate or change the terms of the agreement, they must as well give thirty (30) days’ notice to the landlord.

*All notices are highly recommended to be delivered via Certified Mail.