Alabama Residential Lease Agreement

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The standard one (1) year lease agreement is used to authorize a person to have the use of property, or ‘Tenant’, for a period of twelve (12) months with payment to the landlord. The landlord or representative, usually a property manager, will most often ask for a rental application to be completed to see if the rent will be paid on time and to make sure the tenant will not be a liability to the other occupants of the property (if any). After approval of the tenant, a lease will be issued in the person’s name and all Deposits including Security will be due at lease signing.


  • According to federal law, all residences built before 1978 may contain toxic lead paint and the disclosure and the brochure must be handed to the new tenants.
  • In order to ensure that the tenant’s Security Deposit is not wrongfully deducted, the move-in/move-out checklist should be filled in to ensure the tenant is not billed for damage that already exists on the property.