Alabama Sublease Agreement

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The Alabama Sublease Agreement is a contract that allows a tenant to either rent a portion of the property they are leasing to someone else or the entire space and move out. This is the act of ‘Subletting’ which is typically barred from all standard leases. Therefore, permission by the landlord or landlord’s agent must be made and it is recommended to get a written letter stating the authorization.

A sublessor, or the original tenant, is now liable after the agreement is signed for the following from the tenant;

  • All rental payments, which means if the sublessee does not pay the same lease amount in the original lease agreement with the landlord must still be paid on time.
  • All damage to the property
  • Vacating at the end of the term.
  • All evictions

Due to the liability of the sublessor, it is highly recommended the new tenant be screened to minimize risk (See Application). Also, the same disclosures are due at lease signing such as the lead based paint and brochure if the residential unit was built prior to 1978.