Arkansas Sublease Agreement

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The Arkansas sublease is an agreement for roommate situations and for tenants who have decided to re-rent their apartment to someone else for a temporary term or until the end date of their lease. Unless the tenant has permission from their landlord, they may not be able to lease the property longer than their contract length.

The tenant should understand that there is some financial and legal exposure to subletting such as;

  • If rent is not paid, the tenant on the original lease agreement must pay the monthly amount in full to the landlord
  • Any property damage or repairs incurred during the sublessee’s stay is the ultimate responsibility of the original tenant (“Sublessor”)
  • If the sublessee breaks the lease, the sublessor will be at fault and may run the risk of losing their Security Deposit
  • If the sublessee refuses to vacate the premises, the sublessor will be responsible for all costs for the eviction process

For the above listed reasoning it is advised that the sublessor review the sublessee’s resume through the rental application and verify that they are able to make the payment on time every month.