Colorado Rental Application

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The Colorado rental application is a form to verify that a tenant is who they claim to be in regards to employment, credit, and by performing a background check.

Required Info

The form will ask the potential tenant, before signing a lease, to fill-in the following personal information. At the landlord’s sole option they may require a non-refundable fee for performing the verification and processing the credit check.

Name (First, Middle, Last)
Driver’s License Number (#)
Social Security Number (xxx-xx-xxxx)
Current and Past Addresses
Current and Previous Employers including Monthly Income. A previous tax filing may be asked to show proof.
Other Occupants of the Residential Unit
Pets (if any)
Emergency Contact(s)
Personal References
Vehicle Information (if any)
Consumer Credit Report and Disclosure – Tenant will need to authorize to give permission to landlord or management company to perform any and all credit and background checks.