Colorado Residential Lease Agreement

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The standard Colorado one (1) year rental agreement is suitable for landlord-tenant arrangements lasting for a twelve (12) month period but can be structured for any type of fixed term as determined by the parties. Due to the long-term aspect of the contract, the landlord may request from the tenant to verify their; employment, gross income, prior rental history (if any), and any references through a credit application. There also may be a non-refundable fee assessed to cover the charge for processing the lookup. Upon approval a lease should be drafted including the terms that were agreed upon and upon both parties signing the contract becomes legal and enforceable.


Required If

The residential unit was built before 1978 – the landlord must provide the lead based paint disclosure form including the brochure to give information about the hazardous chemical.

Not Required but Recommended

In order to secure the tenant’s Security Deposit, they should request a move-in/move-out checklist to itemize any preexisting damage in the housing unit. Have the landlord acknowledge by their authorization and at the end of the term the tenant will be protected from any listed repairs in relation to the specified improvement.