Washington DC Month to Month Rental Agreement

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The Washington DC Month to Month Lease Agreement is a unique kind of Residential Lease that terminates at the end of every pay period and is renewed when the tenant pays rent. This gives it a degree of flexibility, allowing a tenant to remain for as much or as little time as they like, as well as allowing a landlord to terminate the lease more quickly and at their discretion.

Unlike a One Year Lease, a landlord can alter or terminate a Month to Month Lease in the District of Columbia by giving the tenant thirty (30) days written notice, which must be served on the day rent is due, although the landlord’s reason for ending the tenancy must fall under the cities acceptable reasons.

Similarly, a tenant can end their tenancy by giving their landlord thirty (30) days written notice, once again on the day rent is due. This makes it popular with landlords who doubt their tenant’s ability to maintain a lease, or tenants who are unsure if they’ll be remaining in the area for a full lease.

A Month to Month Lease is governed by all of the same laws as any other kind of residential lease. In Washington DC, these can be found in the Washington DC Municipal Regulations Title 14.