Washington DC Rental Application

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The Washington DC Rental Application Form is not a lease agreement, but (as the name implies) an application that most landlords will require potential tenants to complete before signing a long term lease. In order to minimize the risk of signing with a tenant who will violate the lease, the landlord will wish to look into a potential tenant’s financial and rental history. The landlord has the right to charge a nonrefundable fee for this application.

A tenant who needs to complete a Rental Application Form will usually need their social security number, pay stubs and the names and contact information for any landlords they wish to use as references. Landlords being used as references should be as easy to contact as possible, as there will rarely be more than one or two attempts.

While this kind of application is usually used to protect landlords from problematic tenants, they can also be used to the applicants advantage. A tenant with an exemplary application will often be able to secure the property they desire ahead of less qualified applicants.