Delaware Sublease Agreement

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The Delaware sublease, or the act of subletting, is a contract whereas the tenant on the property decides to allow another person to occupy space for payment. At the tenant’s decision, he or she may allow the new tenant (Sub-Tenant) to rent a portion of the space, typically a room, for a period of time no longer than the end date of the master lease agreement.

The tenant will have to check their original lease to make sure that subletting is an allowable use otherwise they will have to seek the permission of the landlord.

The tenant should note that they will be acting as the sub-lessor and bearing the full responsibility of whomever they decide to bring into the rental unit.

Sub-lessor Responsibilities

Property Condition

Tenant will be responsible for any repairs following the sub-tenant’s departure.


If rent goes unpaid, the sub-lessor will have to still pay the landlord the lease amount.


If the Sub-Tenant does not vacate the premises in a timely manner and an eviction is needed, the sub-lessor will be responsible for all damages and legal costs.