Idaho Sublease Agreement

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The Idaho Sublease Agreement is a contract between an individual that is currently under a rental contract and decides to allow another person, or Sublessee, to occupy part or the whole property in exchange for rent. The person that is under the master lease, or Sublessor, must obtain permission from the landlord unless the act of subletting is already authorized in the master agreement.

Tenant Responsibilities

The sublessor must understand that they will be held responsible for the tenant’s actions including;

The rental payment every month, meaning if the sublessee does not pay, the sublessor remains accountable to pay the amount in the master lease.

Any damage caused by the sublessor to the premises.

Leaving the property at the time stated in the sublease agreement. If the tenant does not leave and an eviction process is started, the sublessor will be responsible for any costs attributed to legal work and any damages to the landlord.