Illinois Rental Application

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The Illinois Rental Application is used for prospective tenants looking to rent property from an owner that wants to verify their credit and background information. Depending in the landlord there may be a non-refundable fee associated with the verification process.


Depending on the manager/owner, a verbal agreement may be agreed upon before the application. The tenant will be required to input the following on the application:

Date of Birth
Social Security Number
Number of Occupants and their Names
Pets (if any)
Reason(s) for Moving
# of Years at each Previous Address Usually dating back five (5) years
Previous Landlord(s) contact information
Employment – Current and Previous
Financial Obligations (if any) – Child Support, Debt Owed, etc.
Bank Account Numbers
Vehicles (if any)

Once approved a lease agreement will be created and ready for signature. The process usually takes any from fifteen (15) minutes for a standard credit check to two (2) days to verify the sources.