Kansas Month to Month Rental Agreement

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A Kansas month to month lease, or tenancy at will, is a short-term rental contract that allows the use of property without an end date. As long as the monthly payment is made, that is usually on the first (1st), the contract will automatically continue for another thirty (30) days.


The landlord or tenant must give at least thirty (30) days to the other party in order to cancel the agreement. As for the landlord, at least the same time period must be granted for any notice of rent increase.
*Any military personnel is allowed fifteen (15) days to cancel the agreement.

Lease Termination Forms

Rental Increase Forms

Required Disclosures

Move-in Checklist – Landlord must hand out this form within five (5) days of the tenant taking possession in order for the condition of the premises to be documented.

Lead Paint Disclosure – For all residential units constructed before 1978.