Kentucky Sublease Agreement

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The Kentucky sublease agreement is a contract structured so that an individual that is renting residential property can elect to have someone else live with them as a roommate or occupy the entire space. If the new person, or sublessee, chooses to live in the entire space the sublease agreement should be used and if the sublessee takes a room then the roommate form should be used.

The person that is leasing the space, or sublessor, is required to review their agreement with the landlord to make sure that the act of ‘subletting’ is an allowable use. If not, the sublessor will have to obtain written permission from the property owner/manager.

The sublessor should recognize that they will be financially and legally responsible for the tenant. Therefore every sublessee should be screened through a rental application to verify who they claim to be in addition to making sure their income is sufficient to pay the monthly rent.