Louisiana Rental Lease Agreement Forms

Our Louisiana rental agreements forms cover all the bases pertaining to the landlord and tenant when renting property, including both residential and commercial. Before a lease can be executed, the lessee typically needs to fill out a rental application. Upon approval, both parties should carefully come to an agreement where each party involved is fully aware of the language within the document. In order to be legally binding, each party needs to sign the lease agreement. Note: Oral agreements are legal in the state of Louisiana however they are not recommended since they are impossible to prove in court should a dispute arise. Louisiana Residential Landlord and Tenant Act (La. R.S. 9:3251 to 9:3261)

Form Description Types

Louisiana Sublease Agreement

Our Louisiana Sublease Agreement is a document used to sublet a residential property. Often times the original lessee needs to opt out of the lease but can only do so if they can re-lease the property to another tenant (subtenant).…Read more ›

Louisiana Residential Lease Agreement

The Louisiana Standard One (1) Year Lease Agreement is the most popular residential lease agreement used by landlords. The duration of the lease is fixed for 1 year but can be adjusted to be for any time period stipulated in…Read more ›

Louisiana Commercial Lease Agreement

Download our Louisiana Commercial Lease Agreement. Form Description Types

Louisiana Rental Application

A Louisiana Rental Application Form is frequently used, although not required by state law, by landlords and management companies to screen prospective tenants before a contract is executed. The rental application’s main purpose is to check the credit history of the…Read more ›

Louisiana Month to Month Rental Agreement

Our Louisiana Month to Month Lease Agreement is used by owners of residential property who wish to offer their property for rent on a monthly basis. By using this type of lease agreement, both parties are flexible to opt out…Read more ›

Louisiana Commercial Lease Agreement

A Commercial Lease Agreement is used by owners of commercial property to rent their space to tenants looking to run a business. There are many different ways to go about drafting a lease for commercial property. Depending on how the…Read more ›

Rental Laws

Security Deposit

Under the Lessee’s Deposit Act, the landlord must return the security deposit one (1) month after the lease provided that the lessee fulfilled the lease obligations. It’s also the lessees responsibility to leave a forwarding address. If the landlord fails to return the security deposit with 30 days of the tenant’s written request, the laws states the tenant may recover actual damages or $200 dollars; whichever is greater.

  • Note: A pet deposit is not covered by the Lessee’s Deposit Act therefore it’s a good idea to get the pet deposit in writing.

Moving Out

The tenant must give proper written notice in accordance within the provisions of the lease when they intend to vacate the property. If the lease happens to be on a monthly basis, according to the law, the tenant must give notice of ten (10) days prior to the last day of the month.

Eviction Procedures

If the tenant fails to pay rent or breaches the agreement in another form, the landlord must first deliver (either personally or left in the door) a written Notice to Vacate which gives the tenant five (5) days to vacate. The landlord can file a petition with the city court if the tenant fails to leave after 5 days, not including weekends. An eviction trial will begin 3 days after the tenant has been served by a sheriff.


The landlord has the right during the tenant’s last week of occupancy to inspect the property. If the landlord fails to inspect, it’s wise for the tenant to photograph and prepare a written statement of the condition on the property. The written statement should then be dated, signed, and witnessed.


Leases may have a renewal clause which when the current lease ends it will automatically renew for another year with the same lease terms. If a tenant stays in an apartment for seven (7) days after the lease expires and there is not a renewal clause, the lease will automatically renew on a month to month basis.