Louisiana Rental Application

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A Louisiana Rental Application Form is frequently used, although not required by state law, by landlords and management companies to screen prospective tenants before a contract is executed. The rental application’s main purpose is to check the credit history of the applicant. It should cover the applicants financial information, employment information, and personal information.

Job History

It’s important to know the applicants main source of income. How long have they been working? If they have switched multiple jobs within a small period of time, typically it’s not a good sign. You need to know if they have a steady income. If the applicant has a job based on commission, it’s important to see their bank statements to see how much they have saved up.

Credit History

In order to view the tenants credit history, a credit report must be obtained. Once the tenant signs the rental application with the language to allow the landlord to run a credit report, the landlord may go ahead with the procedure. According to Louisiana law, a landlord may not charge the prospective tenant more than eight (8) dollars per credit report. If a tenant is denied due to a bad credit report, the prospective tenant has the right to request the reasons why they were denied.