Louisiana Sublease Agreement

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Our Louisiana Sublease Agreement is a document used to sublet a residential property. Often times the original lessee needs to opt out of the lease but can only do so if they can re-lease the property to another tenant (subtenant). If the landlord approves the original lessee to sublet the property, use this document.

The terms defined in the original lease agreement are usually restated in the sublease however that does not need to be the case. The new subtenant will typically make a push to renegotiate the lease but in most cases is doubtful due to the fact that the landlord can simply not sign the sublease and hold the original tenant liable for the original lease.

The Sublessor will be responsible for the following after a sublease is signed by all parties involved:

  • All rent payments
  • Accountable for damages against the property
  • Security deposit (optional)