Maryland Rental Application

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The Maryland Rental Application Form is a document used when a potential tenant inquires about leasing residential property from a landlord. It gives the landlord answers as to the validity of the applicant.

Some landlords may ask for money in order to hold or reserve the apartment (if it’s of high demand) but until an application is accepted, it’s wise not to give the security deposit until it is clear you will be renting the property.


An application fee is any money given to the landlord, besides a security deposit, before a lease is signed. The landlord has the right to charge up to $25 dollars for the application fee. Any amount over $25 charged to the tenant must be returned if not used for the application.

If the landlord withholds more than $25 from you for the application fee, you have the right to give written notice as to what the exact expense were used for the application fee.