Montana Commercial Lease Agreement

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A Montana Commercial Lease Agreement is a unique kind of lease, used for a commercial entity to rent a property, typically for business or industrial reasons. Note that only commercial organizations can use this type of lease. Charitable or political entities, for example, would have to use a different kind of lease.

Commercial Leases tend to be much more complicated than Residential Leases. They are often more difficult to understand, as they are freed from the constraint placed on Residential Leases to contain simple, easy to read language.

They also typically cover longer periods of time and will contain clauses holding the tenant financially responsible for costs other than the rent. A common type of Commercial Lease, for example, is a Triple Net (NNN) lease, where the tenant pays the utilities, upkeep and property taxes in addition to the rent. For all these reasons, a Commercial Lease should be read even more carefully than a Residential Lease, possibly with advice from a lawyer.

A Commercial Lease will be covered by both a state’s lease laws and its Commercial Code. Montana’s Lease laws can be found in Montana State Code, Title 70, while its Commercial Code can be found in Title 30.