North Carolina Residential Lease Agreement

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A North Carolina Standard One (1) Year Lease Agreement is the standard form of a residential lease. The lease will typically run for a year at which point landlord and tenant will have the option to renegotiate and renew the lease, terminate the relationship or move the agreement to a Month to Month Agreement.

A Standard Lease will usually have provisions for security deposit (including a possible nonrefundable deposit for any pets), requirements for tenant behavior, when and how the rent must be paid and any late fee the landlord might wish to charge if the rent is late. Unlike a Month to Month lease, a tenant cannot be evicted without a Court Order, although some clauses in the lease may give the landlord right to file an Unconditional Quit Notice, and force the tenant to move out immediately or face eviction.

A lease that covers a year or longer should be read carefully, as if circumstances force the tenant to vacate the property before the lease has expired, they might be held responsible for the rent until the lease expires.


  • A landlord is required to disclose the name and address of the bank where the security deposit is being held within 30 days of the beginning of the lease
  • If a landlord wishes to charge a fee to the tenant for complaints or court appearances, the policy must be disclosed in the lease.
  • Federal law requires that the landlord disclose the presence of any lead paint based hazards on the property.

See more information, North Carolina Chapter 42 Landlord and Tenant.