North Dakota Residential Lease Agreement

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The North Dakota Standard One (1) Year Lease is the most common form a lease. The purpose of this lease is to allow a tenant to rent a property or unit from the owner for one (1) year. At the end of the year, both parties will have the option of renewing or allowing the lease to terminate.

A One Year Lease is, as the name implies, fairly standard. Most of the clauses and terms in it will be fairly common, although it is still a good idea to read the lease closely. The lease and it’s terms must be maintained for the entire year, and can only be legally violated, under North Dakota state law, if the tenant or their child is the victim of domestic violence or the tenant begins active military service.

If the lease is violated without one of those circumstances, the tenant may find themselves responsible for the rent despite having vacated, until the lease is up or until the landlord finds new tenants. If either landlord or tenant is unsure about the tenants ability to maintain the lease, a Month to Month Lease may be more appropriate.


  • North Dakota law requires that the landlord give a written disclosure describing the condition of the property when the tenant signs the Lease. Both landlord and tenant are required to sign this disclosure.
  • Federal law requires that the landlord disclose the presence of any lead based hazards on or around the property.