New Jersey Month to Month Rental Agreement

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A New Jersey Month to Month Lease Agreement is a kind of lease used when the living arrangement is either extremely temporary, or if either the landlord or tenant think they may need to exit the lease quickly. In this kind of lease, the agreement technically ends every month and is renewed upon payment of rent. This makes it ideal for tenants who move regularly or landlords who are unsure of their tenants ability to maintain a long term lease.

In a One Year Lease, the tenancy can only be terminated if the tenant fails to uphold the rent, or if the landlord can quickly find a new tenant, as the previous tenant will be responsible for rent until the landlord finds a new tenant or the lease ends. In a Month to Month Lease, the landlord or tenant can exit the agreement simply by giving the other party thirty (30) days written notice.

This makes a Month to Month Lease the most flexible form of a residential lease, making it popular with students and members of the military. It is also useful if the landlord doesn’t wish to sign a long term lease, due to the tenant’s financial instability, or problems with previous landlords.

A Month to Month Lease will be governed by all of the same laws as any other residential lease. All of New Jersey’s rental laws can be found in New Jersey Statutes, Title 46-8.