Nevada Month to Month Rental Agreement

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A Nevada Month to Month Lease Agreement is a kind of leases that terminates at the end of pay period and renews when rent is paid. This makes it more a easily cancelled and altered kind of lease, which is ideal for tenants who need a more flexible lease or a landlord who is unsure of their tenant’s ability to maintain a long term lease.

Unlike in a One Year Lease, in a Month to Month lease the lease can be altered or the tenancy permanently ended simply by the landlord giving the tenant forty five (45) days written notice. A tenant can similarly exit the lease by giving the landlord forty five (45) days written notice. This makes it much easier for a tenant who needs to move suddenly, and much easier for a landlord to eject a problematic tenant.

As it is merely a subset of Residential Leases, a Month to Month Lease will be governed by all of a state’s rental and lease laws. Nevada’s lease laws can be found in Nevada State Code, Chapters 40 and 113.