New York Rental Application

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A New York Rental Application Form is a widely used form to perform a credit check. In New York an applicant may be charged a nonrefundable fee for the application at the landlord’s discretion.

Rental applications are extremely useful for both landlords and tenants. A landlord can use a rental application to check credit and personal background for potential tenants to make sure they would be a good tenant and pay their rent on time. It can also allow tenants with excellent credit history and references to stand out from other applicants. In order to prepare for the rental application, a potential tenant should have as much information as possible including: bank statements, bank account numbers. pay stubs, prior addresses, credit card statements and the phone numbers of previous landlords to use as references. In New York you may also want to have a cosigner for your lease.

Real Estate Brokers

In New York City, there are more real estate agencies practicing leasing than you can imagine. Because of the vast amount of apartments, you have hundreds of real estate agents (licensed of course) that are competing to rent to potential tenants. Almost all of the apartments in NYC are open listings, meaning any real estate agent can rent the apartment as long as they find a renter to suit the property. Brokers charge a commission for their services which is not regulated and it’s usually a stated percentage of the first year’s rent. The fee should not be paid until the client is offered a lease signed by the landlord. The broker may also charge the client a reasonable amount to conduct a credit check.

  • Note: For first time movers to the Big Apple, you should know that there are around 10 major residential property management companies, more or less. These are the same companies from which real estate agent’s obtain their information about open listing apartments. Anyone can walk into these management companies and obtain their list of apartments, which will result in bypassing the middle man (i.e. the real estate agent/broker) and saving yourself at least one month’s worth of rent. You can apply for a rental application directly with the property management company.


Like all 50 states, landlords may not refuse to rent to any person or group of persons because of race, creed, color, national origin, sex, disability, age, marital status or familial status.

  • New York City – In NYC, there are even more protections.  NYC resident’s are protected against discrimination with respect to lawful occupation, sexual orientation, partnership status and immigration status. People with AIDS or who are HIV-positive, as well as recovering alcoholics, are also protected from discrimination. Further, NYC landlords are prohibited from discriminating against tenants based on lawful source of income which includes income from social security or any form of federal, state or local public assistance including section 8 vouchers.