Oklahoma Month to Month Rental Agreement

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An Oklahoma Month to Month Lease Agreement is a lease agreement that terminates at the end of every month and is renewed upon payment of rent. Unlike a One Year Lease, a Month to Month lease tends to be a more temporary arrangement that can be terminated or altered more easily.

A Month to Month Lease agreement can typically be altered or terminated with thirty (30) days written notice from either landlord to tenant or vice versa. In some cases a Month to Month Lease can be used for a long term tenantship where a One Year Lease wouldn’t cover the entirety of it, or when a One Year Lease has expired and either lacks the desire to renegotiate and renew.

Because the lease can be terminated at landlord or tenant’s discretion, the clauses and requirements can often be looser or less specific than a similar One Year Lease. Regardless, the lease should still be carefully read and entirely understood.