Oklahoma Sublease Agreement

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An Oklahomo Sublet Agreement is a form by which a tenant, known as the sublessor, rents out all or part of the property they are leasing to another person or persons, known as the sublessee. This is typically required to get a roommate after the lease has been signed, or if the tenant wishes to rent out their property when they will not be using it.

Many leases will contain a clause against subletting, which will require the landlord’s written permission to circumvent. The landlord has the legal right to request information about the sublessee and will often require a Rental Application Form be completed. If the landlord gives permission, or fails to forbid it within thirty (30) days then the sublease arrangement can continue.

Note that regardless of the provisions or clauses in the sublease agreement, the sublessor is still responsible if rent goes unpaid or if the original lease is violated. Therefore it is highly recommended that a sublessee be a known entity to the sublessor, or that the sublessee be required to fill out a Rental Application Form for the sublessor as well as the landlord.