Oregon Rental Application

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An Oregon Rental Application Form is a standard form for a rental applicant. They allow a landlord to look into an applicants rental and financial background to ensure they will abide by the provisions of a lease.

Most rental application forms look into a potential tenants credit score, employment history and former landlords. As eviction is often a long and expensive process, this form can let the landlord know, within reasonable doubt, whether an applicant will be a good tenant. Similarly, an applicant with good credit and rental history can often use a rental application to help secure a property ahead of less qualified competition.

A landlord may charge a nonrefundable Rental Application Fee, at their discretion. In order to be prepared for a Rental Application, an applicant should bring, or be aware of, their credit card statement, pay stubs, social security number and the names and contact information for any previous landlords they wish to use as references.