Oregon Sublease Agreement

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An Oregon Sublease Agreement is a type of agreement that allows a current tenant (known as the sublessor) to sublet their property to another interested party (known as the sublessee). While many leases forbid or discourage subleasing, a tenant may still sublet part or all of their property by getting written permission from the landlord.

Regardless of the terms or clauses in a sublease agreement, the sublessor is still responsible for the terms of their original lease. This includes payment of rent and ensuring that any terms and clauses regarding use of the property are abided by. If the sublessee fails to pay rent or violates the terms of the original lease then both sublessor and sublessee may face eviction. Furthermore, if the sublessee must be evicted, it is the sublessee’s responsibility to see that they vacate.

In addition under Oregon state law, a landlord can terminate a Sublet Agreement at their discretion, regardless of the terms and clauses of either lease or sublet agreement, by serving the sublessee written notice and giving them thirty (30) days to vacate. As such it is highly recommended that the sublessee be required to fill out a Rental Application Form for both sublessee and landlord. Oregon Rev. Stat. 90.555