Pennsylvania Commercial Lease Agreement

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The Pennsylvania Commercial Lease Agreement is a specific kind of lease used to rent out property to a business or other for-profit entity, to use for commercial purposes. A non-profit or charitable organization cannot use this type of lease.

Pennsylvania has very little in the way of state laws regarding commercial leases and as such there is almost nothing, aside from possible local statues, restricting the provisions in a commercial lease. As such the tenant should be exceptionally aware of the language in their lease, it can be very easy for a landlord to evict a commercial tenant.

Typically a commercial tenant will be responsible for costs other than just the rent. A common form of commercial lease is a Triple Net (NNN) lease, where the tenant is responsible for the insurance, the upkeep, the utilities and any taxes associated with the property, in addition to the rent. If a tenant is only responsible for the rent, the lease is be called a Gross Lease, but the rent will be significantly higher than in a Triple Net lease.

There are no laws specifically pertaining to Commercial Leases in Pennsylvania, so any information about your lease should be cross referenced with the relevant laws in Pennsylvania Title 13 2A1-2A5 and Title 68. If the intended use for the property is an adult oriented establishment, then the tenant should be aware of all the laws governing it in Title 68, Chapter 55.