Pennsylvania Month to Month Rental Agreement

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The Pennsylvania Month to Month Lease Agreement is typically a much more fluid type of lease agreement than the One Year Agreement. In this kind of agreement, the lease terminates at the end every month and is renewed upon payment of rent. This allows the rent and other terms of the lease to be altered more often than in a more permanent lease.

Unlike a One Year Lease, which typically requires that the lease be violated for the tenant to be evicted or the lease altered before the it has ended, in a Month to Month Lease, the lease can be ended or altered at the landlord’s discretion. Pennsylvania has very few lease and rental laws and as such the lease can be altered or terminated very quickly. The tenant should be very aware of any local county or city statutes and should also be very certain they don’t want a One Year lease, which can afford more protection against sudden changes or termination.

There are very few laws specifically governing Month to Month Leases in Pennsylvania, but all statutes regarding general residential properties are in Title 13 2A1-2A5 and Title 68, Chapters 71 through 81.