Pennsylvania Sublease Agreement

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The Pennsylvania Sublet Agreement is an agreement through which the current tenant (the sublessor) leases out part or all of the property they are leasing to another party (the sublessee). This is typically because the sublessor wishes to acquire a roommate that is not on the current lease, or is unable to remain in the property and wishes to vacate without breaking the lease.

Most leases discourage or outright forbid subleasing, and as such the sublessor will have to obtain written permission to sublease from the landlord. It should be noted that, regardless of the terms of the Sublet Agreement, the sublessor is still responsible for the rent and making sure that all terms of the lease are maintained. As such it is highly recommended that the sublessee be a known party, or required to fill out a Rental Application Form for both the landlord and the sublessor.

Under Pennsylvania State Law, if a landlord permits the tenant to sublet, the sublessee will subject to the same rules and clauses as the sublessor.