Pet Addendum to Rental Agreement | PDF | RTF | Word

pet addendum is typically a condition that is made on behalf of the landlord to a property that conditionally grants permission to tenants with pets. The landlord may ask for the following in order to accept the animal on the premises;

  • Additional financial obligations such as a fee or an increased amount for the Security Deposit.
  • Ask to always pick up after the pet when it is outside.
  • To always be on a leash and to abide by the State or local ordinances.
  • To be kept up with all vaccinations.
  • To be quiet and not be excessively loud such as barking.

If there is any violation of any part of the pet addendum it constitutes a breaking of the lease agreement. At this time, the landlord has  the full set of rights to send a notice to quit to the tenant with the right to cure.