Puerto Rico Sublease Agreement

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The Puerto Rico Sublease Agreement is an addendum to an existing lease that allows the current tenant of a property  to rent all or part of their property to another party. In this kind of agreement, the original tenant of a property is known as the sublessor, and the party they rent their property out to is known as the sublessee.

A sublease is most commonly used when the sublessor wishes to vacate the property or wants to acquire a roommate not included on the original lease. There are no laws in Puerto Rico specifically pertaining to subletting, so all of the rules for subletting will be included on the lease itself. Unless the lease specifically allows unrestricted subletting, the sublessor will need to get written permission from the landlord before subleasing.

Note that, regardless of the terms of the sublease agreement, the sublessor is still responsible for ensuring that the terms of the original lease are upheld. If the sublessee breaks the lease in any way, the sublessor could face eviction alongside them. It is therefore highly suggested that the sublessee be a known party to the sublessor, be required to fill out the Rental Application Form, or both.

As there are no laws governing subletting specifically in Puerto Rico, a Sublease Agreement will be covered by all of the normal leasing laws, which in Puerto Rico can be found in the Laws of Puerto Rico, Title 10, Chapter 49A.